Who we are

Vantex Technologies GmbH Established in Munich in 2003 by Stefano Micheletti, Vantex has over 50 years textile technology R&D and production process improvement work by Mr. Umberto Micheletti, focusing primarily on the development, production and sales of deeply innovative systems for upgrading existing spinning machines at an affordable price. Patents and Trademarks 5 patent families: 6 granted + 7 applications pending 
Key patent countries: EU, China, India & Brazil. • Vantex Proprietary and patented advanced textile technology: cost effective solution for highly productivity, quality, reliability gains, as well as major running cost reduction and raw material savings. • Affordably priced • Simple to install and run, fast machine turnaround, non-invasive installation • Virtually maintenance free • Constant high yarn quality, no ageing wearing parts impacting quality & output • Environmentally friendly: power consumption reduction, no lubricants, robustly built so avoiding typical wastage through wear and tear Donec ut ex ac nulla pellentesque mollis in a enim. Praesent placerat sapien mauris, vitae sodales tellus venenatis ac. Suspendisse suscipit velit id ultricies auctor. Duis turpis arcu, aliquet sed sollicitudin sed, porta quis urna. Quisque velit nibh, egestas et erat a, vehicula interdum augue. Morbi ut elementum justo. Fusce mattis gravida libero, nec sollicitudin eros finibus at. Praesent ex diam, mattis vitae efficitur vel, egestas sed neque. Sed congue interdum cursus. Nullam in tincidunt neque. Cras enim tortor, porta id tempor vel, placerat et tellus. Vestibulum eget ullamcorper orci. Suspendisse potenti. Proin rutrum magna ac gravida scelerisque. Nunc eu sodales nisi.